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Summer 2017 Newsletter

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October 2016 Newsletter




At our Annual General Meeting on April 30, 2016 we will have 1 – 2 Director-at-Large positions which need to be filled.  The actual number of board members can be set at the meeting but the minimum is 5. The five present board members, who have taken on the positions of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Director at large, have one year to go on their two year terms, but we need new board members to bring a fresh perspective to our decisions. The Board is responsible for the day-to-day running of Summerland Women’s Fitness, for setting goals and recommending policy to the members.  As a co-operative, the members make the final financial and policy decisions.  A Director should be an active member who has interest in keeping the society happy and healthy!  She can expect to attend one meeting a month, and devote time to other activities such as receptionist, sunshine committee, etc.  The directors usually take on the duties that fit them best.

Please consider using some of your time and talent to keep Summerland Women’s Fitness vibrant.  Thanks for your consideration.


Summerland Women’s Fitness Board

In Search of Cleanliness (and Cleaners)

Happy summer everyone.
Our fitness centre is looking to hire someone, either within our membership or from outside our membership for clean-up duties at our fitness centre.  In the interim period (July 13 to September 30), we would like to find one or two volunteers to cover the basic weekly/biweekly clean-up duties.  Two of our members have graciously volunteered and are currently  cleaning washrooms and vacuuming/washing the back room floors.  We are looking for volunteers to take on:
1. vacuuming the front workout area, stretching station area and back shoe area including carpets once a week (maximum 1 hour per week)
2. washing the recovery squares in the front workout area once a week (maximum 1/2 hour per week)
The volunteer(s) would sign out a key and complete the duties at a time convenient to them outside our fitness centre business hours. If you think you would be able to take on one of these duties, please contact Pat Mayne by Friday July 10.
Thanks so much.
Directors Summerland Women’s Fitness