COVID-19 Policy and Procedures

April 2021

Dear Members of SWFS,

New regulations appeared in the last couple of days for our Gym category, from BCCDC/MInistry of Health.

Therefore, you will find some changes at the Gym, starting immediately:

    – Enter by front door. Exit at the front using appropriate distancing.  

    – Take note of the poster on the front door regarding Entry Health Check (also a copy on the Volunteer Desk)

    – Desk volunteer – please make a note of their phone number by each member that comes to workout

     – Prop open the front door at the beginning of the day

      – Music should be below speaking volume

      – ‘Zones’ are changed – Front room has 2 zones, plus the treadmill, the bike, the Treadstepper, and the Vibration machine

      – Back room has 1 zone plus the Stretching machine

      – Max. overall occupancy Fr, nt room = 5 (4 plus desk volunteer)

       – Back room = 5   This is according to the square footage of the gym and the BCCDC requirements, as of March 31, 2021. and is the total number of persons, at any given time, that can be in the gym                            

     – Continue as usual with:  wearing masks, cleaning & hand hygiene protocol, 2 metres distance when not working out. 

Thank you all for doing your best in these trying times, and for your patience.

Leanna MacDonald

COVID 19 Re-opening Policies and Procedure